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Tourist Info

Visit the Château des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes

At the centre of the city and a 10 minute walk away, this prestigious 15th century monument, entirely renovated, is an inviting voyage into the history of Brittany. You can appreciate the courtyard and the moat gardens, an exceptional environment to stroll and relax. The visit of the castle ramparts offers you a magnificent view of the city. The dazzling night lights of the chateau give a sense of history that all amateur architects will appreciate.

Discover the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne

The Machines of the Island and the Island of Nantes, on the Loire

Nantes Island

Encircled by branches of the Loire River, and 10 minutes on foot distant, this part of Nantes is next to the historic centre of the city. Marked by the history of its shipyards, the remnants being two “Titan” cranes, the island of Nantes is today the centre of a vast urban renewal project.

The Machines of the Island

Located on the site of the former shipyards of Nantes, the machines are a blend of the invented world of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci. Created by François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, and with the collaboration of the Nantes company, “Royal de Luxe” for the conception of the machines, these new masterpieces create an emblematic spectacle ( the Rhinoceros, Giraffes, the Carousel ) transporting you into a magic world. Illuminated fish, retropulsion squid, Manta Ray, the tempest boat, the immeasurable bus : watch the operators bring life to the animals and engines, each one most surprising and dramatic, each one better than the previous. At 12 meters in height and weighing 45 tons, the Giant Elephant is an inviting ride on the island. Discover what is new: the Tortoise, Giraffe or the Nutshell. In the workshops, where the machines are created, you will enjoy seeing the amazing manufacturing process of these sophisticated metallic constructions.

The Unique Location

A 3 minute walk from the hotel, along the canal Saint Felix

The former biscuit factory of LU has been reborn since January 1, 2000, as a centre for atypical arts: The unique location. Scène Nationale of Nantes (national centre for contemporary arts), is a space for artistic exploration, cultural effervescence and conviviality. It mixes genres, cultures and the public. It heralds a spirit for curiosity in different arenas of art: visual, theatre, dance, circus, music, literature, philosophy, architecture and cuisine.

A place for wandering, the Unique Location is the home also to a bar, a restaurant, a bookstore, a hammam, a day nursery and a gift shop. The iconic tower of the former factory, with a view on the city, can also be visited. Every year the Unique Location presents dozens of shows, exhibitions, workshops and other events.

The Unique Location

Strolls and Relaxation on the banks of the Erdre

The Erdre and its treasures

Only 15 minutes from the hotel, the banks of the Erdre are an agreeable atmosphere for a walk or a bicycle ride in a green relaxing environment. You can even opt for a cruise, to discover for a moment, the chateaux as well as the fauna and flora of this charming river, classified as the “most beautiful river in France”.

River Walks

The most sporting of you will appreciate the discovery of the Erdre by canoe or kayak. By day and night, in perfect harmony with the river, you can admire from a new angle, all of the wealth that the river provides. For those that prefer to make mechanical waves, you can rent a power boat to traverse the Sevre or Erdre rivers at your leisure.

Beaujoire Stadium and Golf in Nantes

Beaujoire Stadium

A must see for any avid soccer fan. Only 15 minutes from Novotel Nantes, this arena seating 38,000 awaits you for a guided tour or to enjoy a live match. You can cheer for the home team and enjoy the comradery of the Football Club of Nantes (FCN).

Golf – Nantes Erdre

Some 15 minutes from the hotel, sample a treed course of 50 hectares, dedicated to your enjoyment. A hilly and wooded domain, this course will delight players of all levels, thanks to its layout. An absolute pleasure with every single game. So bring your clubs !

Specialities and Wines of Nantes

The specialties of Nantes will delight your taste buds : unavoidable small LU biscuits, salted toffee butter, berlingots and rigolettes (candies with fruit pulp ); certainly a hit with food lovers.

The Nantes Vinyards

Open the door to your tastebuds, with the wide range of wines offered by the vinters of Nantes. The famous Muscadet, from between the Sevre and Maine rivers, the Côteaux de la Loire or the Gros Plant, all are awaiting your discovery of these tasty nectars with visit centres along the Wine tourist route.

The Atlantic Ocean – 45 Minutes from Nantes

The privileged geographical location of Nantes, enables you to quickly escape to enjoy the fresh sea air.

La Baule and Presqu’île de Guérande ( 1 hour from Nantes)

Famous for its beautiful white sand beach and named ‘1st Beach of Europe’, La Baule also has a particularly rich architectural and natural heritage. In the charming city abundant with flowers, its pine woods and forests constitute a genuine invitation to take a nature walk.

Sculpted by the Atlantic, the medieval city of Guérande, reveals a landscape of beautiful salt marshes.

The Jade Coast and Region of Retz ( 45 minutes from Nantes )

The Jade Coast and Region of Retz have unrivaled beauty. The typical seaside resort of Saint-Brevin, the port of Saint-Nazaire, the charming little coastal port of Pornic, all synonymous with relaxation and pleasure.

Stroll in Noirmoutier ( 1.5 hours from Nantes )

The unspoilt nature of this lovely island assures you of delicious moments of scenery in a privileged environment. By hiking or biking, you will admire the charming whitewashed houses covered with rose tiles. The salt marshes, the Polder of Sevastopol, the 130 hectare nature reserve or the twice daily flooded passage of Gois, are only a few examples of the jewels of the island.

Gulf of Morbihan ( 1.15 hours from Nantes )

Between the sea and land, this treasure of Southern Brittany is where you will discover different facets of the region. Dotted with islands, the Gulf of Morbihan has varied landscapes changing with the tides and time. Sanctuary for many species of migratory birds, this region also has a large concentration of menhirs, dolmens and burial mounds, remnants of prehistoric times.

Mont Saint Michel ( 2 hours 30 minutes from Nantes )

Discover this jewel of earth surrounded by the sea ! At the heart of a bay invaded by sea water, the mount offers an impressive spectacle with its tides, the highest in Europe. Inscribed on the list of heritage sites of UNESCO, this touristy place will fascinate you with its abbey, its maritime museum, shopping and views, as well as the impressive beauty of the bay.

Tourist Activities nearby Nantes

The Puy du Fou ( 1 hour from Nantes )

This amusement park is for the reliving of history. Entertainment with Roman, Viking, Musketeer and Knights all offered in a park like setting conducive to fun and relaxation with games and shows. See the Roman amphitheatre, the Viking invasion, Musketeer sword fights and the Birds of Prey show. As night falls, enjoy the Cinescenie show with more than 1200 actors.

Puy du Fou Theme Park

The Loire Valley and its Chateaux

This exceptional cultural landscape, a UNESCO heritage area, invites you to discover the history of France along is largest river. Take of tour of some of the most beautiful castles in the world: Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Blois and Chinon.. Enjoy the architectural wonders of the Renaissance.

Nantes -- a City of History

Discover the Nantes heritage and rich history of the city, a member of the City and Countries of Art and History as created by the Ministry of Culture. Among the many sites you can admire, some are inescapable:

The Bouffay Quarter

This area in the city kept intact the traces of what life was life in Nantes during medieval times. Narrow streets, timbered houses of the 15th century including the famous House of Apothecaries (pharmacy), and the Hotel des Jacobins can be found as you stroll the neighborhood and enjoy the many shops.

The Footsteps of Jules Verne

Born in Nantes in 1828, the writer has undoubtedly left his imprint on the city as reflected in the statues in tribute to his works. From the house where Jules Verne was born (4 cours Olivier de Clisson), to the museum dedicated to him (3 rue de l’Hermitage), passing through the homes where he lived and places he drew in several of his books, Nantes allows you to trace the life of this famous author.

The Pommeraye Passage

This architectural masterpiece of the 19th century named after its creater Louis Pommeraye and classified as a historical monument, hosts several shops in a friendly and refined atmosphere. Located in the centre of Nantes, this passage, covered by an elegant atrium is served on 3 levels by a magnificent and impressive staircase, a marvel of ironwork art.

Graslin Theatre

Located on the square that bears his name, this magnificent late 18th century building, designed by the architect, Mathurin Crucy, hosts opera performances, and other entertainment events making the curtain raising unforgettable. The impressive facade is in an Italian style, with eight Corinthian columns each surmounted with a draped muse, is highlighted by the night lighting.

Royal Square

This pedestrian square in the heart of Nantes, at the crossroads of a major shopping district, offers an ideal setting for a break during your visit to the city. You can admire the famous central blue granite foundation located here. Erected in 1865, the fountain symbolizes the vibrant city on the Loire, and the industrial lights of Nantes.

Nantes and Slavery

A primary port in the 17th century, Nantes had many ships involved in the slave trade. Besides the visit to the museum of Nantes at the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany which devotes several rooms to this page in the city’s history, some neighbourhoods of Nantes testify to the trade days. As well visit the wharves of Fosse, home to the place where much of the goods and merchandise arrived in the city and Feydeau Island created by the wealth accumulated by the shipowners.

To assist you in enjoying your visit to Nantes, transportation tickets (bus & tramway) are available at the hotel reception.

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